Steven & Coconuttreez

I feel excited
Coz I know you gonna come
Coz I know I'm gonna touch you baby
And I know you gonna come

I feel excited
Finally you gonna come
Finally you gonna stay with me, yeah.
Finally you gonna come

I remember I was with you
We spend a lot of time together having fun
And when the time you had to go
And you ask me if I would wait for you
Waiting for you. waiting for you.

I've been waiting for you so long to comeback to me
I've been waiting for you so long to stay with me

I can't help myself to hold you
It's been a long. long time to wait
Long. long. time to wait for you


Steven & The Coconut Treez are a reggae band coming from jakarta, Indonesia. The band was formed in 2005 by 5 men, namely Steven (vocals), A Ray (guitar), True (guitar), Rival (bass), Iwan (keyboards), Teddy (percussion), and Aci (drums), They've spawned 3 albums that the average social themed, like most of Reggae music their album is The Other Side (2005), Easy Going (2006), and Good Atmosphere (2008).

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