Suicide Silence

Can't be seen with these hands can't be seen (2x)

Can't be seen

Can't be seen, causes everything
Don't you see, causes everything
Can't be seen, causes everything

Give me your hand, reach out I'll crush it (2x)
Cause is ok (2x)

Nothing can be, something to me, nothing can be, me (2x)

Smashing, lashing, slashing, for the same thing
I say quit, while we are heard.

A victim of high tension, and beat me every day

For what? (2x)

Scream for you lying

Can't be seen, causes everything (2x)
Can't be seen


Suicide Silence are a deathcore band from Riverside, California, United States that formed in 2002. The band has so far released three full-length albums on Century Media: The Cleansing, No Time to Bleed, and most recently The Black Crown. The band worked with renown producer Machine (Lamb of God and various other bands) who produced, mixed, engineered, and programmed No Time to Bleed.

Suicide Silence plays a style of deathcore that’s also influenced by grindcore ... Read More