Suicide Silence

A fucking murderous son of a gun

Look down at your hands
Look what you have done
You've taken the life of your own son
Because you've taken the life of
your own son [2x]

You've got the hands of a killer
just like me [2x]

The lowest form of human life [2x]
This world breeds killers just
like you and me [2x]

So look down at your hands now
How does it feel to take a life?

And yes they'll be more of your
family's dead by tomorrow [2x]

So rip these hands away from me
Rip these hands from my sleeve
So take these hands away from me
Please take these hands from my sleeve

This is what we do and have
done forever [2x]
More of your family's
Dead by tomorrow [2x]


Suicide Silence are a deathcore band from Riverside, California, United States that formed in 2002. The band has so far released three full-length albums on Century Media: The Cleansing, No Time to Bleed, and most recently The Black Crown. The band worked with renown producer Machine (Lamb of God and various other bands) who produced, mixed, engineered, and programmed No Time to Bleed.

Suicide Silence plays a style of deathcore that’s also influenced by grindcore ... Read More