Suicide Silence

Screaming your name into the sky
Into the sky
Screaming your name into the sky

Were you just going to sit back
And watch him die? [2x]

He screamed your name straight to the sky
He screamed your name everyday

Rescue him from the fall
Rescue him, take his hand [2x]
Take his hand [2x]

I remember the day and
every sound and smell of it [2x]

I remember the day
Just like it was in a photograph [2x]
Where nothing ever changes
and always stays the same
Where nothing ever changes
The memory stands still

You let him fall [4x]

Screaming your name into the sky
So I tried
And I screamed [2x]
Lord can you hear me

And I was left without
reply so I walked away
You let him fall [3x]
You let him...

Without your response
I blame you
For this loss of love and life


Suicide Silence are a deathcore band from Riverside, California, United States that formed in 2002. The band has so far released three full-length albums on Century Media: The Cleansing, No Time to Bleed, and most recently The Black Crown. The band worked with renown producer Machine (Lamb of God and various other bands) who produced, mixed, engineered, and programmed No Time to Bleed.

Suicide Silence plays a style of deathcore that’s also influenced by grindcore ... Read More