Summer Walker

PSA, motherfucking PSA
Public service announcement to you niggas
Please y'all getting too respectful
I understand courting, I understand open the door
I understand you don't wanna look at my titties and shit
Why the fuck you think I wore this V cut boy?
Y'all niggas are gettin' too respectful
When I walk up in your house and you say
"You can sleep on the couch, I'ma sleep on the bed"
Sir! No baby boy, I wanna lay next to you, I'm tryna cuddle
I'm tryna get my booty rubs, but you tryna be too respectful
No nigga disrespect me, just as much as y'all niggas want it
The bitches want it too, she is is purring, prrrr


In a swiftly growing city full of newcomers, Atlanta native Summer Walker emerges with the raw, soulful energy that RnB devotees live for. The singer/writer/musician explores new melodies providing her instrumentalist input in production, showcasing her influence from greats such as Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu and Jimi Hendrix. Summer shares her moody vibes through piano and guitar along with her captivating vocal execution.

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