(Chorus) What makes us do,
The things we do?
That keeps me lovin' you,
And when you're in need,
and got nobody.
Imagination sets you free, free.
Everything you want is real close when you close your eyes.
And the things you think about the most, they come to life.
When your relationship is headed for the rocks,
You gotta use your imagination to get you back on top.
It's the place you look, when you wanna have some fun.
You see it, see it, before it's done, uh-huh.
Imagine you and me, and how it could be,
Exploring new ideas, and once we'll keep this lovin' real.
When you get lonely,
It'll make you get to a phone and tell me how much you want me.
And when, you've had a bad day,
A little bit of imagination goes a long way.
(Chorus X 3)


Tamia Washington-Hill (born May 9, 1975 in Windsor, Ontario) is a Canadian R&B singer. She is noted for her spinto mezzo-soprano, a rangy three octaves, capable of both dark contralto depths and angelic soprano highs. Tamia has released three albums since her discovery by Quincy Jones in 1995, at the age of nineteen: 1998's Tamia, 2000's A Nu Day, and 2004's More. All achieved moderate success on R&B charts and urban radio, but failed to achieve mainstream success. ... Read More