I've been hoping, to taste your kiss,
touch you in the dark, hold you to my heart.
I've been hoping, for that moment, we'll be making love,
now the time has come, come with me tonight,
share my dreams, change my life...

Make tonight beautiful, make tonight something more,
than any night I've ever known, in my life before
Make tonight beatiful, hold me close and don't let go
Lay with me and stay with me tonight
Make tonight a beautiful night

Turn the lights down tonight
There's a world of love, waiting there for us
Let me take you yeh, to a place you've never been before
Open up the door, to a dream come true
Take my hand and show me how (and make)


And show me all the magic, the night can bring
You see you're my darling heaven
You're all I need
I've waited all my life, to look into your eyes
So stay with me, make love to me tonight(make it beautiful)



Tamia Washington-Hill (born May 9, 1975 in Windsor, Ontario) is a Canadian R&B singer. She is noted for her spinto mezzo-soprano, a rangy three octaves, capable of both dark contralto depths and angelic soprano highs. Tamia has released three albums since her discovery by Quincy Jones in 1995, at the age of nineteen: 1998's Tamia, 2000's A Nu Day, and 2004's More. All achieved moderate success on R&B charts and urban radio, but failed to achieve mainstream success. ... Read More