The Amps

Say you're one man's taste

"Want what?" Fall and break

We've seen the dream, folks, in our day

What? Fought The Father the Pope

Finally sent away

Warden, lock it

Free love's fought our battles thru the day

We were full on idle,

A lot of them say,

"Obey your colorist,

Bleach it all away

Free reign, good rest

Break, every brunette in the way

When we're full on idle,

A lot of them say,

"Obey your violence"

Well, It's kinda late

Say you're one man's date

Want WHAT?

Fall and break

We were full on idle,

A lot of them say,

"Obey your violence,

Look close


Tide all white

Row on the glass surf

He pulled the paddle

Okay with me

In silence

What I'd like to do

With your violin

And it's bow


The Amps are an indie rock band from Dayton, Ohio, USA and were formed by Kim Deal in 1995 after The Breeders went on hiatus. They first began touring as "Tammy and the Amps" but it was later shortened to "The Amps."

Their album Pacer was released on Halloween of 1995. It is widely believed to consist mostly of songs intended for the follow-up album to the platinum Last Splash. Kim Deal originally intended to play all of the instruments herself ... Read More