The Box Tops

All those happy times,
Days of summer love,
that I held your hand, andthe world stood still.Uh-huh'

Those happy times,
Down by the riverside,
We were making love and listening to the birdies sing.Uh-huh'

Now, I'm all alone;
Happy times are gone,
Gone just like the season
Winter's on the ground,
And my heart is cold;
You left me without reason

(repeat verse 2)

(repeat verse 1)

Happy, happy times'
All those happy times'


The Box Tops were an American band of the 60s that combined soul and rock music into a popular sound epitomized by their famous single "The Letter". The band was fronted by teenaged singer Alex Chilton, and for their studio recordings after "The Letter", consisted solely of Chilton and Memphis studio musicians. For live performances, Chilton was joined by Tom Boggs (drums), Rick Allen (bass), Gary Talley (guitar), and Bill Cunningham (organ). A popular original member before their first hit was Larry Spillman (drums). ... Read More