The Breeders

I don't know how old I was

But it was a '65 pickup

I was lying on the ground

With flat iron bars over my head

One silver drop is all you need

To put a hole in your head at 2000 degrees

That's right man, you be the Metal Man

At 2000 degrees

That's hot

that's hot

And over my head the hot wire was sparking

I got something down on my chest

And it began to bubble

I was repairing my three on a tree

When a drip dropped down on me

That's right man, I'm the Metal Man

At 2000 degrees

That's hot

(In the background there is a conversation between a man

and a woman. What they are saying is anyone's guess!)


The Breeders are an American rock band, formed in 1988 by Kim Deal of Pixies and Throwing Muses' Tanya Donelly in Boston, Massachusetts. After those original bands became less active, The Breeders became more important to both artists. A tape was sent of their original demos to Ivo Watts-Russell, who immediately signed the band to his 4AD label in 1989. Their debut album, "Pod", was recorded by Steve Albini and released on 4AD in 1990. Deal's influence is obvious ... Read More