The Breeders

Walking on his highways

We leave the land

And float inside the dark, black water

Robin flies again

She flew low over the highways

And I saw the wind

Blowing back her barbie doll hair

Robin flies again

And in a kitchen in Kentucky

She thinks she's Peter Pan

And in the bottom of a concrete basement

Robin flies again


The Breeders are an American rock band, formed in 1988 by Kim Deal of Pixies and Throwing Muses' Tanya Donelly in Boston, Massachusetts. After those original bands became less active, The Breeders became more important to both artists. A tape was sent of their original demos to Ivo Watts-Russell, who immediately signed the band to his 4AD label in 1989. Their debut album, "Pod", was recorded by Steve Albini and released on 4AD in 1990. Deal's influence is obvious ... Read More