The Groove

And now we've come to you for the first time
Groovin' some beat and funky thang
Just tell us what you'll thinkin' about it
You felous ! what ?
Come on come on let's sing together
Yeah .. we're funkier than ever


There are several artists using this name:.

1) The Groove is a band from Tbilisi, Georgia. It was formed in 2012.

2) The Groove were a soul/R’n’B orientated supergroup, formed in 1967 Melbourne, Australia, fronted by Peter Williams of Max Merritt & The Meteors fame. They broke up in 1971. Their most successful single was a cover of Sam Cooke’s “Soothe Me” (1968).

3) The Groove were a pop-jazz group from Indonesia, formed in 1997, fronted by male-female vocalists Reza and Rieka Roeslan. Rieka went on to form her own solo career

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