The Paps

In the middle of nowhere I'm so lonely as lonely as lonely can be
Everything's so dark no I don't know my self anymore
Blinded by the light that I didn't choose
It's all just simply so bad
When the time has coe to scratch my head
I feel that I'm already dead

There was a time I destroyed my self
Just to have a little shut down time
I won't be sorry baby
I won't feel sorry for the shit I've done

Excuse me for being in your life I still got a long way to go
Go... Go... Go away from all this misery and go go go!

I want everything in life I do!
I want it now!
It is true!
I won't break down and cry
And see my self lay down and die
There's no truth there are no lies
Everybody's still got friends to anybody else
And so what else?
I believe in the new beginnings

Excuse me for being in your life I still got a long way to go
I gotta go....


Story of The Paps
The forming of The Paps at 2003 hailed the start of a reggae revival in Indonesia following the end of the Bandung City ska scene in the early 2000's, at which time the underground scene in the city was lacking a reggae presence with almost no other bands representing the Jamaican sounds in Bandung at the time. Underground scene gave birth to today's Indonesian Reggae scene.

Dave was approached to form a band by bassist Eric, a sculpture student in art school. ... Read More