The Paps

Anything could happen to us
We know that and we don't care
Coz we're happy to know each other well
We fill our days with joy and care
And this chemistry's growin' wild and crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy

The more I see you
The more I feel you
The more I need you

I can't help my self to give you all the love that I have
And I always let you free... Can't you see?
I put my faith in you unconditionally
That's the greatest thing
I can give to you... Just

Keep walking by my side
Keep walking by my side
Keep walking by my side


Story of The Paps
The forming of The Paps at 2003 hailed the start of a reggae revival in Indonesia following the end of the Bandung City ska scene in the early 2000's, at which time the underground scene in the city was lacking a reggae presence with almost no other bands representing the Jamaican sounds in Bandung at the time. Underground scene gave birth to today's Indonesian Reggae scene.

Dave was approached to form a band by bassist Eric, a sculpture student in art school. ... Read More