The Paps

If you see me say....hi !
And you know coz i gotta get some damn high
You can see it in my eyes... That relaxing it ain't such a crime
And if you down... you better get up
Coz it's all is just a matter state of mind
So what i'm gonna do right now is...

I'm gonna burn it good
And is smoke it for real

Coz i've been down too low
And i know that i'm moving to slow
I wanna see things going flow
I just let it all grow............

Blow me now!

Now the whole life is nothing but a big joke
Now my whole life is nothing but a big joke
Now your whole life is nothing but a big joke too...

Life is a big joke!
Life is a joke!


Story of The Paps
The forming of The Paps at 2003 hailed the start of a reggae revival in Indonesia following the end of the Bandung City ska scene in the early 2000's, at which time the underground scene in the city was lacking a reggae presence with almost no other bands representing the Jamaican sounds in Bandung at the time. Underground scene gave birth to today's Indonesian Reggae scene.

Dave was approached to form a band by bassist Eric, a sculpture student in art school. ... Read More