The Scaffold

God bless all policemen and fighters of crime

The thieves go to jail for a very long time

They had a hard day helping clean up the town

They hang from the mantle these both upside down

A glass of warm blood and then straight up the stairs...

Batman and Robin are saying the hurse...

(Batman & Robin:)

God bless Superman and Superwoman!

Aquaman and Aquawoman!

Ironman and Ironwoman!

Spiderman and Spiderwoman!

Plasticman and Plasticwoman!

Crazyman an-




Yes Robin?


Was there ever a Batwoman?


There was once, boy wonder, a long time back.


Where is she now?


I'm afraid she's no longer with us...

(Robin:) mean...?


Yes, she up there in the great balthory up there in the sky...


Holy sti-batwoman...what happened?


She rather foolishly got in the way of the Batmobile.






Gosh, why didn't I think of that?

They locked all the doors and they put out the bat


They put on the bat-jarmers

*We like doing that!*

Filled the bat-waterbottles, made the bat-beds

With 2 springy bat-rasses for sleepy bat-heads

They're closing their eyes and they're counting black sheep...

Batman and Robin are falling asleep...

(door opens)


W-where are you going Batman?


The bedroom!



(door closes)


The Scaffold were a comedy, poetry and music trio from Liverpool, England, consisting of Mike McGear (real name Michael McCartney - brother of Paul McCartney), Roger McGough and John Gorman. They performed a mixture of comic songs, comedy sketches and the poetry of McGough, and released a number of singles on EMI between 1966 and 1970, and on Island and Warner Bros. thereafter, achieving Top 10 success in the UK with:

"Thank U Very Much" (No. 4), composed by McGear; ... Read More