Tory Lanez

Little nigga here but I came from a whole lot
Say I don't give a fuck if you hating nigga hold up
Man, all ya'll niggas sold out
And I think still it's amazing
I got niggas fucking with me, I know bitches that do too
Yeah, that salt around my city ask them bitches that you knew
I'm gonna always judge a nigga by the bitches that you choose
Yeah, I keep my circle tight, but all them mothafucka's
Two cups full of henny for some niggas that uh fuck around
With some bad bitches that we couldn't fuck with, back when we didn't have fast whips, and the money around with us
I know they gonna hate, tell them mothafucking niggas don't hate it
I sound like give me space cause a mothafucker nigga so faded
And why the fuck you trying to play me, say you fucking with me when I know you fucking shady
That kirk on, that whip playing, a little purp blowing that swiss chaining
Niggas hating on me, they snaking on me, I'm just sayin

I thought you were my friend, my friend, my friend
It turned out you pretend, pretend, pretend
How could you hate me on the low?
And I'm like damn, damn, damn
Ain't no way you can be my nigga or my friend
How could you hate me on the low?

Tints all on my benzo, black tuck in that blue thing
I'm like what the fuck I need friends fo
Always there when I got bread never around when these heads low
Fuck you when that money come and don't never ask for no cents ho
It's too much bitches here too much hoes to fuck too much liquor shit bitch I'm throwed as fuck
They got so much hate I got so much love I can't even fuck with these niggas no
Old friends I don't fuck with no more
They be all on my dick and so
Who the fuck is back there bunch a fake ass niggas that be trying to act serious
And as lame as that there treat me different like I wasn't the same last year
It's plain as black hair ya'll niggas be hating in that there
With some lame shit I'm trying to get paid like that there
Niggas hatin I just wanted my change like cashier

I thought you were my friend my friend my friend
It turned out you pretend pretend pretend
How could you hate me on the low?
And I'm like damn damn damn
Ain't no way that you can be my nigga or my friend
How could you hate me on the low?

These niggas hate on the low
They wanna shake me for it all
What's won is won
These niggas hate on the low
Act like your homie but behind yo back they sow

Me I'm just a fly guy
Lookin for a lady
Someone better help me up
And drop it over from me
Hope you don't take it wrong girl
You drivin a nigga crazy
And I just gotta know girl
Before you're fuckin different
Fuckin different
Fuckin different
Fuckin different


Tory Lanez was born Daystar Peterson on July 27th, 1992 to his father, Sonstar Peterson and his mother, Luella Peterson in Toronto, Canada. At the age of 11, Tory discovered that his mother was ill with a rare disease that affects every four in every one million people. With the devastating loss of his mother and the absence of this father who is an ordained minister, Tory was forced to provide for himself at the early age of fourteen. Although his dad was not present in his everyday life ... Read More