Tory Lanez

Man I fuck every bitch ion Toronto
Loud party in my condo
I got tissue deep in
It's like easter spring in Montana
Fucked up but I'm still dry
Fucked up but I'm still dry
Now I'm playing that she joking
Where the fuck is my real drive
I'm air dropping she pill popping
Make black balling I'm still dropping
And I'm toned up on that rail stop
And the swap boys never will stop
5'9 and she found some
Baddest fuck but you find too
My pocket know I am flying too
And I make a chick break a chick
Lake down and give her dick
Long in the night with your baby like
We're trying to get at your lady
It's only hopping step in
Ladies don't stop let me get guac
In the room like just let me get top
Pay me to fuck me bitch tell me to guac
We got them bitches a penny a pop
Pennies will pop then they got drop
Man I'm on top nigga don't stop
God don't know where them blamers gonna pop
I say damn I wreck it like Hannibal Lector
Back on my solid this animal setting
Acting no anger just hang me to thank
Back off the thing and leave chesses like checkers
Flashes don't even come check on my checks
Pay low and I bailout
We'd be talking, that's pain up
Four car I'm sitting tall
It's so hard just to lay low
What's wrong with my wrist?
Eyeball, eyelids
Chico mi kaki cause she can't suck my dick
It's too bad I'm too fly
How was your girl?
How was your girl?
Two words uuu a
Come tell my niggas who's up?
Drinking liquor with my niggas
Wifing down on like granny holes
I know that I might get caught
But shit nigga there's plenty more
Endlessly we can get brought up on Hennessy
Roll up and twist in the remedy
Fucking with bitches that's 20
They look like 20 telling you

Calling as she know
Call as she close
She be wanting all
She fuck with my
Me I'm trying to cut cut close
She gone making payments if I think
And I might let her fuck
I might let her fuck
I might let her fuck
I might let her fuck

Man what the fuck's wrong with these hoes, bro?
King shit no cobra
Got a sling clip no shoulder
Strap on a nigga don't stop
Back on a nigga back home
Like post up I'm in a row trap
Ghost riding hitting folks less
My nigga Jay shining with the gold cuffs
Like this shit, damn nigga I'm this shit
Cold bin like damn nigga I'm sea sick
Sea slick on that g shit
I got a whip calling and my brae slip
Hating hard and you ain't my dog
Why you all on that lee shit?
G6 paint flies Jay's on plain flights
Cut you late I hit you dang twice
Man for the frame I've been the same nights
When a damn title with your name right
What your frame like?
They flaming I'm drunk driving
Get off my dick playing right? Right
And I'm so on and I'm all on
Got the main light on the main street
In the daylight with my chain bright
Got a dang right
It ain't right but I do it though
Acting like you got all that bread
It ain't like you got too much dough
Where you go with all that head?
I ain't up for talking I know
Shorty like my features so
I'd be swing on double D
I got hoses that is my features
Some 44 for them
These shorties know I got heaters
But all you hear is like beepers
Put all my
All that shit just between them
She pillow bite like she teething
I hear major breaks I'm like genius
Chain my double for time
Your bitch is still calling
I dig her like we ain't got women
See I like women spicy like they came
So if I put for longer

Then I'll be fucking that model
She'd be all day long she fuck with my club
Me I'm tryint to cut cut close
She gone making payments if I think
And I might let her fuck
I might let her fuck
I might let her fuck
I might let her fuck

Come my nigga Jay got dough
Got this block
If you're looking for your bitch
She on top of our dicks
This all yours
Meet a bad bitch I might let her fuck
You know what I'm saying
You can't just fuck me for free
I might let you fuck baby


Tory Lanez was born Daystar Peterson on July 27th, 1992 to his father, Sonstar Peterson and his mother, Luella Peterson in Toronto, Canada. At the age of 11, Tory discovered that his mother was ill with a rare disease that affects every four in every one million people. With the devastating loss of his mother and the absence of this father who is an ordained minister, Tory was forced to provide for himself at the early age of fourteen. Although his dad was not present in his everyday life ... Read More