Tory Lanez

My mama always told me I would have the hits
She wasn't alive to see me have a hit
Had to make decisions, go and hit the road

That was back when Keisha and Nelly had a kid
Nigga had to sell about a quarter ounce
Sold pop of front of summin' like a whore house
He said why you never get to see me at the crib
Step mama moved in, nigga so I bounced
Real shit, if I had to sell a quarter water
Only thing I gotta do I get rent pay
Told the teachers, nigga I'm a be a fuckin' rebel
Dropped out next week, that was 10th grade
Yeah, rich young nigga, I came up
Told you niggas I would get my change up
Put 7 8 9 10 chains up
Fuck the gram
This show me where I came from
Know we in the place
Hit the Ricky Bobby with the.40 on my waist
Gold grill shinin' like a Rollie in my face
I just hit a point like I'm Kobe with the play
Talkin' to the kid, dawg, niggas pissed off
We came here after the plays lift off
Nigga, you are now talkin' to the kid, foo'
Lot of niggas talk the shit but they ain't really with the shit
For a rich nigga, rich nigga
All my niggas stars, when you see us
You are lookin' at a big dipper
Oh boy, oh God, let a nigga win, we gon' buy the whole store
One umbrella, yeah
I told you niggas I told you niggas

My mama always told me I would have the hits
She wasn't alive to see me have a hit
Had to make decisions, go and hit the road

Young black nigga stickin' to the code
Had a court case I done tossed that
Couple ex bitches I divorced that
I remember when I could not afford that
Couldn't even sign for it, had to forge that
Eh, money on my mind, got the ambition and the grind
Hang a fuck nigga like he dryin'
One twelfth rhyme
Bout to order stake with the fries
Used to eat the main chow chicken with the salad one time
Every nigga workin' in the trap
Pray to Lord, help you if you servin' with the strap
Wait, J., you know I deserve me a plaque
If it ain't comin' to me, nigga, I murder a track
I'm a rich young nigga from the
Same bitches hatin' they be on my dick
Every year boy, we real heavy ova here, boy
I waited for my time, now the shit is finally here, boy

Finally here boy
My niggas finally here boy
All the shit up in a year boy
Standing right here boy
It's clear boy
When I step up in the airport, hold up
Wall to wall money, I done did it
Nigga I'm the truth and I admit it
Contracts gettin' written I'm the nigga
Air Jordan, my nation, Scottie Pippen
Killas on the payroll
They'll shoot it if I say so
2014, I ain't really for the beef
I just want the fuckin' peso
Yeah, and the cheese with the queso
100 G in the case, Lord
We was just some lil niggas last year
Playin' with them lil things off safe mode
Young nigga, had to get the money and the funds quicker
I don't wanna have niggas sleepin' on my shit
After a nigga dropped this one


Tory Lanez was born Daystar Peterson on July 27th, 1992 to his father, Sonstar Peterson and his mother, Luella Peterson in Toronto, Canada. At the age of 11, Tory discovered that his mother was ill with a rare disease that affects every four in every one million people. With the devastating loss of his mother and the absence of this father who is an ordained minister, Tory was forced to provide for himself at the early age of fourteen. Although his dad was not present in his everyday life ... Read More