Tory Lanez

Looking around, and you're no where to be found
Searching high and low, I feel like my eyes gone
Am I too late to show up

Ooooooooh, yay ay ay ay ay ya
Noooooooh, may ay ay ay ay
Stole my heart
Stole my heart, heart

And this is the part where you think you found her
But really you never found her
You found out you didn't need her
Instead of lovin you leave her
And wound up cuffin some 22 year old whose name is Lisa
And found out Lisa don't need you
But keep you just for the reason
She couldn't get over Paul who's 20 studyin law
And gettin that major paper and pushin the latest range
And lately you made a change bout how you claimin your dane
You found out lisa ain't it and you want that love to remain
But who you came into shit with but fuck it you such a nimwit
You loved her she fuckin missed it
You lied she upd and listened
Goodbye as you upd and kissed him
She tried but you upd and dissed her
So why is the fuckin question and why is you fuckin stressin
You need it back, but she disagree with that
See while you was cheatin, chasin
Yeah she was out rereplacin
Findin another lover that someone won't keep her waitin
So she got on the ball, and met this nigga named paul
Who lisa chasin

Noooooooh, may
Stole my heart
Stole my heart heart

Looking around, and you're no where to be found
Searching high and low, I feel like my eyes gone
As we just fall in love, is it too late to show up


Tory Lanez was born Daystar Peterson on July 27th, 1992 to his father, Sonstar Peterson and his mother, Luella Peterson in Toronto, Canada. At the age of 11, Tory discovered that his mother was ill with a rare disease that affects every four in every one million people. With the devastating loss of his mother and the absence of this father who is an ordained minister, Tory was forced to provide for himself at the early age of fourteen. Although his dad was not present in his everyday life ... Read More