Darling you see now
That it never was
We are never what we see
Set you up to
Let you down, I'm afraid

Darling do you see how
Our lies become the truth
We never said what we mean
Built you up to
Break you down, I'm afraid

Darling it feels good
When they let you in
Don't you play the fool
They will only
Let you down if you stay
We can't all be broken down, I'm afraid

I'm afraid

Holy Hell,
We've hit the bottom running,
To the ones we love,
To the ones we hurt.

Holy Hell,
We've hit the bottom feeding,
On the ones we love,
On the ones we hurt


After only three short years of united production, progressive trance duo Tritonal has become one of the top names to watch in the international electronic dance music scene. Currently standing at #83 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs List, Tritonal has seen track after track fly up the Beatport charts and land in the sets of some of the most renowned and respected DJs in the world. In 2011, Tritonal shows no signs of slowing down—even after a whirlwind, worldwide tour to promote their debut artist album, "Piercing the Quiet.” ... Read More