True Worshippers

Father to all the fatherless, anchor to all the anchorless
In you we are unshakeable
You know exactly where we stand, you will refresh the weary land
You are the spring of hopefulness

No love compares to the love that you have
No one compares to you, lord

Open the sky, the heaven's shining
Light up your fire upon our city
Break every chain, you are our freedom
Reign over us as we come and touch our spirits now

Shelter to all the shelterless, armor to all the armorless
You are our tower of defense
You see the depths of all our hearts
You will restore the missing parts
You are the one who make things new

Open the sky, forgiveness flowing
Rescue our souls from sin and darkness
We stand in awe, reveal your glory
Reign over us as we come and touch our spirits now


True Worshippers at first is a musical group of young Christians. There is also in it as Sydney Mohede, Franky Sihombing, Ricky Jo, Sary Simorangkir etc. at the beginning of their emergence. And finally evolving with songs sung in almost all the churches in Indonesia and outside Indonesia. Spiritual band, led by Sidney Mohede is a stub of talented musicians in the church Jakarta Praise Community Church (JPCC).

Vocalists :
Sidney Mohede
Sari Simorangkir ... Read More