Yeah playa, yeah playa, all my teeth gold
Damn playa, damn playa, I still can't sleep though
Yeah playa, yeah playa, I be that sheep eater
Wolf creeper but disguised as the grim reaper
Sad playa, sad playa, I be that sad playa
Damn playa, damn playa, thought you was money making
Yeah playa, yeah playa, don't change that, I'm forsaken
Grey playa, third razor, laugh at you bitches hating
Yeah playa, yeah playa, my pupils dilating
Dope shot up in my veins, I'm feeling nauseated
Law breaker, law breaker, I'm trying to feel alive
Make sure my teeth gold when I'm filled up with formaldehyde

Used to be called a bunch of things before they called me Snow Leopard
I froze up and shivered off the shards of cold weather with no effort
Leather belt around my throat feels so better than the rope I had before
The results are the same, but now I'm comfy when I go
I got hoes that burn their wrist with the blunt they rolled for me
And now i'm always stoned, always home alone


$uicideboy$ is an American hip hop duo from New Orleans, Louisiana, founded in 2014 by cousins Ruby da Cherry and $crim. Via the music sharing platform SoundCloud, the duo rose to popularity for their abrasive, self-produced beats, as well as their harsh lyrical content and themes prominently featuring substance use disorder and suicidal ideation. The duo are considered one of the most popular artists in the underground rap scene, and are also considered to have a cult following. ... Read More