What I hate most in this life is a long night
4 walls and no calls and no lights but the moon light
Creeping through the blinds
Ceiling fan on high spinning
I'm beginning to believe that tonight is the night
Dead by dawn
I'll shred my palm to the end of my arm
I'm spread and gone
Put me in the dirt where I belong
Existence is overrated anyway
50 years later they won't remember your dead
6 billion people living as civilians and I hated them all
I should have been a vermillion reptilian living in the swamp
(At least I'd have scales to protect me from the pain)

Enter the void with my wrist shackled up
Codeine and water that fill up my cup
Visuals glisten when I get fucked up
Rehabs for quitters and I don't give up
Cockin the nine if you want to act tough
This is all by design I don't have any luck
When it comes to them dollars don't make me get buck
Hollow tip showers when I go and bust
Tell me the reason you want to be us
I'll tell you good riddance and then get the fuck
Used to fuck bitches in back of the bus
Nothing has changed bitch I'm still busting nuts
Always complaining about bitches in love
When I don't feeling nothing
No not even lust
Triple 6 demons
In Satan we trust
Killing these motherfuckers is a must


$uicideboy$ is an American hip hop duo from New Orleans, Louisiana, founded in 2014 by cousins Ruby da Cherry and $crim. Via the music sharing platform SoundCloud, the duo rose to popularity for their abrasive, self-produced beats, as well as their harsh lyrical content and themes prominently featuring substance use disorder and suicidal ideation. The duo are considered one of the most popular artists in the underground rap scene, and are also considered to have a cult following. ... Read More