Mungkin aku bersalah
Mungkin aku berdosa
Mungkin ini takdirku
'Tuk menempuh semua

Dan aku hanyalah manusia
Bisa bersalah dan menyakiti
Aku hanyalah manusia
Tak seperti Tuhan yang sempurna

Ku terlalu berharap
Ku terlalu meminta
Ku terlalu mencoba
Ku melangkahinya

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Vierra is a pop rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia. The group was formed in November 2008 by Kevin Aprilio (piano/keyboard), Widy Soediro Nichlany (vocals), Raka Cyril Damar (guitar), and Satryanda Widjanarko (drums). On performances, they enlist an additional bassist named Deryansha Azhary. vierra also supported by

Vierra's music genres can be categorized as pop rock and power pop. To date, they have released two studio albums: My First Love (2009) and Love, Love and Love (2011). ... Read More