Vybz Kartel

yow bean,
bring some more a these high grade trees

yow Storm Shawn!
me smoke non stop
all when the light seh red me won't stop
hot grabba pinch me like a mouth trap
me higher than heaven house top
mount a weed inna me head
all when yuh paint me blue me still red
me nah hide it from the feds
listen me nuh officer

me a hol' a medz don't scratch me benz

do weh yuh a do fast nuh
and gimme back the grass nuh
me nuh mek yuh a gwaan suh
coke place unu fi start go
I smoke weed
I dont give a fuck
I smoke weed I ... eno
if you think I should not smoke weed
fuck you, fuck, fuck u


Vybz Kartel (born Adidja Palmer, Jan. 7, 1976) is a Jamaican dancehall deejay.

He was born at Kingston's Victoria Jubilee Hospital, and was one of six children. Originally from Waterhouse, Kingston, he was raised in the Waterford district in the community Portmore, Jamaica. Adidja attended Calabar High School in Kingston but was expelled as a teenager. Determined to continue his education, he completed his studies at a tutorial technical school. ... Read More