Vybz Kartel

Baby mi love when yo wine up so
Mi love when yo wine up so
Gyal yo mash up mi mind just so

Mi love it that it right
And you a the catty wid the right wine
Fi warm up mi body when a night time
You inna mi future a you me seh
Love mi forever you a mi life line
You know seh wi love life an mi melody

Me a the, you a the punch line
No me a yo bright rather a sunshine

Hold mi tight now
Gyal don't let go
Wine up, gyal a you mi seh

Mi no response fi people
When mi waan si yo sit inna mi vehicle
So dem sit down a study evil
But wi no cater fi evil conevil

When dem si seh dem cyaa stop da love yah
It a go bun dem like a needle
Cause a no waan Addy waan yo, mi need you
And mi ready fi go buy baby feeding

Hold mi tight now
Gyal don't let go
Wine up, gyal a you mi seh


Vybz Kartel (born Adidja Palmer, Jan. 7, 1976) is a Jamaican dancehall deejay.

He was born at Kingston's Victoria Jubilee Hospital, and was one of six children. Originally from Waterhouse, Kingston, he was raised in the Waterford district in the community Portmore, Jamaica. Adidja attended Calabar High School in Kingston but was expelled as a teenager. Determined to continue his education, he completed his studies at a tutorial technical school. ... Read More