Vybz Kartel

This ain't serious
This will make you delirious
If we didn't buss
Every artist woulda fraid of us

This ain't serious
this will make you delirious
If we didn't buss
Every artist woulda fraid of us

First pon di list
Di one name Beres
Teck di watch off a him wrist
Outta Wyndham Terrace
Him try "putting up a resistance"
But di sixpence ask him
If him want meet Dennis
Tek Bling Dawg Lexxus
Tell him walk dung him shoe
Him seh Kartel a you
"If a nuh me den a who"
Juck Wayne Marshall
Pon gunpoint interview
Mi seh "You want live"
Him seh "Choo"
So mi drive weh di Mitsubishi
Drive go over Hellshire
Lef it roun' a Schreechy
Order two snapper
Weh steamy
Guess who mi si
Tan up a pre-me?
No "Doc" in a criss Lamborghini
Pop off & she "raas car key mi"
Him seh "Oh God"
Mi nuh response Beenie
Valuables gimme
When you see mi
Chain wid di platinum
Keep you brassier & bikini


Teddy Bruck shut
Weh inna Shotta
Seh him a star
Teck di seven million
Teck di house teck di car
When mi hold him gal
Teck mi cocky push inna har
Him seh "Kartel you teck it too far"
Don know seh
Mi will rob him
Fi every money
Weh him have
Him produce mi
But still him nuh even
Trus' mi round di Rav
Kid Kurrupt mi only teck him
Weed from up a Sav
Cause a my youth little baby Jav
Mi teck di Intra Tech &
Teck Ele chain mi seh gimme him seh "Yep"
Mi need di anklet
Over di crepe
Di Angel pendant
Watch yuh step
And give me all your dough
Alright you "Good To Go"
Rob Sizzla wid a glock
Weh "Solid As A Rock"
But mi never know
Di Bobo & him friend dem strap
When dada go so "Pow" &
Uzi go so "Pow" but
"They Jus Can't Stop Me Now"


Blood is on you shoulder
Buju gimme di money &
Report it tomorrow
Tek Mad Cobra
Drop top a Southboro
Mi mek Frisco walk
Like him a disco
Rob Roundhead wid out a gun
Teck him chain & run
How a four hundren pound man
Fi try run mi dung
Buccaneer seh
Widout ooman
Him no have no career
So mi kidnap every gal
Him have & carry dem up a Vere
Warlord no fraid a dread
But mi have plait up head
You di boss but gimme
Di dough before "people dead"
Gimme di glasses &
Di black skullcap pon yuh head
But Ashey yuh n'have nuh money
Dog piss & go a yuh bed
Cassette Jones get extort
Cah him a gwaan well
Mi would rob Cassette Ninja
But him tings nah sell
Spragga Benz
Assassin is robable but
'low Lexus cause
Him flop a Sting
Yuh simi
If a never DJ game mi go
Irie FM go rob DJ Wayne
Derail di irie train
Tek weh a shiny chain
Same thing for Collin from Fame
Cause mi nuh rob disc jockey when dem lame



Vybz Kartel (born Adidja Palmer, Jan. 7, 1976) is a Jamaican dancehall deejay.

He was born at Kingston's Victoria Jubilee Hospital, and was one of six children. Originally from Waterhouse, Kingston, he was raised in the Waterford district in the community Portmore, Jamaica. Adidja attended Calabar High School in Kingston but was expelled as a teenager. Determined to continue his education, he completed his studies at a tutorial technical school. ... Read More