Vybz Kartel

Inna mi Karl Kani no
Mi inna mi close fittin' Clarkes
Mi shoes no cheap like chicken parts
Check out mi Valentino summer shorts
Moschino button shirt wid di hearts
Fendi glass cost eighty Deutchmark
Me di gal dem a pre when mi a pass
Who da tall youth deh
Dem have mi inna dem thoughts
Barbara Gloudon dem call a ask
"Who is Vybz Kartel?"
And dem making recommendations
And remarks some seh mi ugly like Bubba Sparxx
Some seh mi a di best dem come across
Mi legal firearm a fibre-glass
So nuh rush mi wid do knife a raas
Dis + Me = You life a lost

Who dem seh start well - Kartel
Lock dung di chart well
Gwaan sell
Put copper to di heatwell
Nah tell 24's under di wheel well it running real well
We make Reggae bigger than Rock & Roll
We mek it bigga dan Hip Hop & Soul
A mi nex a go lock di Superbowl
Collect a few platinum a group of gold
Vibe magazine front page & centrefold
You si how mi cold
A nuh foreign ice
A British gold
Half of di story have never been told
Benjamins & Franklins & Francs in mi billfold
And when mi roll mi skiller than Allan "Skill" Cole

Di real kings coming for di throne
Vybz Kartel & Don Corleon
Two ambitious youth weh want wi own
So wi nuh lef di chrome when wi roam
Dis isn't comedy like "Jeffersons" or "Home Alone"
If you clone Al Capone
Sylvester Stallone
Bugsy Malone
Dem even bad like mi cologne
"I've got news for you"
But mi a nuh Shalom
Di news is oonu fi lef di zone


Vybz Kartel (born Adidja Palmer, Jan. 7, 1976) is a Jamaican dancehall deejay.

He was born at Kingston's Victoria Jubilee Hospital, and was one of six children. Originally from Waterhouse, Kingston, he was raised in the Waterford district in the community Portmore, Jamaica. Adidja attended Calabar High School in Kingston but was expelled as a teenager. Determined to continue his education, he completed his studies at a tutorial technical school. ... Read More