Do you do garage music mate?
You got any of that Urban?
(Urban, urban, urban)
House, do you do Garage?

What do you call it?
What do you call it?
What do you call it?
What do you call it?
What do you call it?
What do you call it?
Tell us what you call it

Garage I don't care about garage
Listen to this - it don't sound like garage
Who told you that I make garage?
Wooly Kat'z got his own style s'not garage
Make it in the studio but not in the garage
Here in London there's a sound called garage
But this is my sound, it sure ain't garage
I heard they don't like me in garage
Cause I use their scene but make my own sound
The Eskimo sound is mine recognise this its mine
You can't claim what's mine
It's my time to beat you up
I don't hate you but some of you have got a problem
I'm puttin you outta business why is that a problem
What's your problem?
What the heck my name is problem, remember

What do you call it garage?
(What do you call it garage?)
What do you call it urban?
(What do you call it urban?)
What do you call it 2step?
(What do you call it 2step?)
What do you call it, tell us what you call it then

Why do that think I'm stupid
I got brains I could never be stupid
You can never use my name to make your raves 'n' jam
I won't turn up, I'll stay at home with my girl 'n' jam
Can't threaten me with that bad boy talk I'm not scared sorry man
I've seen too much I don't give a monkeys
Swing from tree to treejust like monkeys
Who influenced me to be funky
Who influenced me to make Eski beat
I've made Eski girls 'n' Eski boys
Movin there feet to the sound you can hear

You can hear I hear you tryin to stop my record sales
Record deals like the belt can't hold the waist in
(The waist in)
If it gets too big and it's tremblin those pots
It blows up and we win (I'm winnin)
Ready to say my goodbyes
Goodbye to the man who don't like me
Goodbye to the woman who don't like me
Goodbye to the fingers pointin at me
Goodbye to the promoters that hate me
Goodbye to the people that's hasslin me
I'm turnin over a new leaf
Get sharp like a knife in the streets
Cut the strings and theres no beef
If you don't cut the strings theres more beef
See I get the impression I'm not wanted
So I'm givin you the sound that's not wanted
Thats what i wanted
I'm on my way now
Wish me luck I'm doin my thing now
To the fans let's go everyone who likes this let's go
Everyone who likes that go that way
Go that way, go that way, go that way
Go that way, go that way, go that way

Everyone who likes this come this way
(Come this way) let's go this way
Let's go this way, let's go this way, let's go this way
Let's go this way

I'll break everyone down
Take everybody down
Any crew any sound
Any MC who's in my way I break down
I'ma show you now it's all changed round
I remember when things were the other way round
When the world got colder and it changed round
I go to any manor and its all changed round
I want everybody to follow this sound
So don't deny the power of my empire
When I'm hit I'm straight back to my empire
No more crew so what we got an empire
Roll Deep empire high flyer high power
I'm a compulsory buyer
Go to the shops and I spend them buy what I want and
This is for Roll deep empire
If you work hard then you can be a buyer
Like me


Wiley, also known as Eskiboy (real name Richard Kylea Cowie, born 19 January 1979) is a Grime MC and producer from Bow E3, East London. Wiley has created his own musical genre, which he calls "Eski", and which is largely associated with the Grime genre. "Eskimo", from which the genre takes its name, is probably the best known Eski track. Originally performing under the title "Wiley Kat" (adopted from the Thundercats cartoon), he has now shortened his stage to "Wiley" and is rarely referred to as "Wiley Kat". ... Read More