Wretch 32

If they've ever made a grand in their life (they've got swagger, G)
Like, they keep moving this weight (it's like calories)
Hey, me and that girl got something in common
Cuh they both roll round this town with a bag of Gs
Perfect my swagger, yes, I'm dapper
I'm young, I'm fresh, I'm flasher and I'm flyer than most
You said you've got a man, I said I ain't got a chick
Well guess who's lying the most? You can't blame me B!
Your man's getting in the way, I can make him fade
You're a damsel in distress, I can save your day
Shopping for kicks, [?] what? Let's shop in Madrid
I've got a booking tomorrow, let's take a plane for Spain
If you've ever made a grand in your life (you've got swagger, G)
We keep moving this weight (it's like calories)
(Me and Lara got something in common
Cause we both roll round this town with a bag of Gs)
I hit the road and fill up the tank
I've got weight and got dough like I fill it with banks
Cuh the way I told her "give me a champs"
Had her jumping in my veins like she hitting a ramp
Yeah, I'm something like a plane with this [?] on my hand
Around papes like I live in a bank
But I ain't trying to downplay it, you're like "give me a rank"
Three or two, course you'll give me some thanks
I'm fly, you're fly too, we should be a fly crew
And do what the fly do and fly through Tokyo
Moscow, Paris, Milan, NY too
Imagine me and you chilling at the Eiffel
Can move when it's time to, cruise how you like to
Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, [?] Hill
I ain't really hungry but I know where to eat a meal
I ain't in debt but you'll see the bills
Hey listen, I love your dress code, you know that you dress cold?
Your man don't like it? Forget him, your dress is cold
You look like a princess from your head to toe
I just wanna let you know I wanna take your number
But I can't cause I'm in a rush, I've gotta go collect some dough
But if you give it to me quick, I won't let it go
(Hey, come man, I know you're gonna give it to me man. I can see it in your face!)
I show love at the shop for days, you're grown up
If you work 9 to 5 to cop your chain
But when it's weekend, I often rave
The girls are staring at the stars like they're lost in space
They'll be tearing out my heart when I off the shades
You know it's time for it, she's looking at my watch's face
And a whisper in the air, we can (click) and disappear
Champagne, bubble bath, girl [?]


Jermaine Scott, who performs under the stage name of Wretch 32, is a Grime MC and rapper from Tottenham, London, where he grew up the son of a local reggae DJ. He achieved his first taste of critical acclaim for his work as part of the grime collective "Combination Chain Gang."jj
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