Bitch amass with the pack, no trap lord
Menacing vainess turn yo bitch up into a lost cause
Beauty and the beast with the clip be cautious
Caution: I'm murderin' the pussy I'm steady flossin'
Aww shit I leave 'em corpses, I metamorphous
I'm fancy: lodge ya head in the window of Porsches
Call-less and in the course got an abortion
Slide in the pussy with Ritalin and abort it
Laughin I leave the masses straight gaspin
Caskets preachin a murder so light yo matches
Nasty tone with a nasty poem
Pretty kitty dirty vagabond
Tragic, sacrificing sanity for vastness
Belittling vanity watch that nigga when we cast it
Half-wet I leave him half-alive in the basket
And if you not a savage succumb to the madness
Nigga whatcha really know about me?
I'm on yo bitch like clothes no closet
Why you worried 'bout the money I deposit
I'm in her mouth like water no faucet