Diamonds kissing baby, hop out the coupe
Daggy shawty, keep a strap if it shoot
Dumb and dumber on the molly, no roof
Shawty giving it, it's coming, oh cool
Shawty fiending said she wan' fuck the group
I come over, bitch it's nothing to do
X vool, not a crip, but im vool
Molly baby in yo mouth figaro

Wait, white no Mary Kate, fuck yo bitch like everyday
She give head in her estate
Molly on the dinner plate
Take her on a dinner date no drinks she suck my energy
Pokemon me where you stay
Pussy sweet no sour

Say yeeeaaa
Fuck yea
Say yeeeaaa
Fuck yea
Say yeeeaaa
Fuck yea, yea

My wrist im whippin
Your bitch im whippin
My dick she whippin
Oow im trippin