سخته حرفم
ولی باید رفت
دیگه تمومه
دیگه بریدم
دیگه خستم از اینکه هرچی
هی اومدم و نرسیدم
سخته حرفم
ولی باید بدونی خستم
ولی باید بدونی که میرم
با یه یادگاری رو دستم
با یه یادگاری رو دستمممم
سخته رفتن
بسکه سردم
من حرف دلای شکستم
من با هر خاطره با غم
میرم با اینکه وابستم
سخته رفتن
تلخه حرفم
ببین من درارو بستم
من از غروب جمعم
حتی از سکوت صبحم


YAS (Persian: یاس) is an Iranian artist in rap music. For the Electro duo please see "Y.A.S." .

Born In 1982 – Tehran, YAS first began to listen to rap music at the age of 16, when his father would return from his business trips in Germany and bring him the latest Tupac CD and other hip hop music. After the sudden and untimely death of his father, YAS was faced with the responsibility of becoming the primary care taker of his household. With ... Read More