I got n! ggas in Barriga
They be repping for a nigga
I got n! ggas out in Festac
Where I'm from where the best at
I got n! ggas on the island
I got n! ggas on the Mainland
I know n! ggas out in Maryland

Young G I ain't playing mehn
I got goons that be loaded
I know men that be stunting
All ma n! ggas know wassup
Now this is a matter of fact
Putting bullets in your back
Tell me how bad is that
All them n! ggas steady claiming they dope but you know they ain't fvcking with crack
I be feeling like a king
So am coming for the throne

Your chick she be wanting the D
She take that sh! t straight to the dome
Ma haters they feeling ma songs
Bow to the king on the throne
Omo Alhaji something
Omo Alhaji stunting
You don't ball how I ball
You don't flow how I flow
You don't get b! tches like I
Ma nigga you already know
I get money mehn for days
Money making my pants full
Tinny money that be big money
Tinny money that be big money

I be grinding for my brothers
I be grinding for myself
We've been through shit right
We never needed your help
All ma n! ggas doing good
Yeah ma Gees doing right
Yeah ma mama doing nice
So I can turn up every night

Catch a nigga out in EsCape
Catch a nigga out in Quilox
Catch a nigga out in 57 50 b! tches they ain't fvcking with us
They just wait for me to pull up
They just wait for me to pull up
Tell the b! tch to pour some more liquor
Mixing that liquor with more liquor
You don't roll how I roll
You don't go where I go
You don't know what I know
Am the king of the new and you already know

Smoking that flavors and flavors
I do not fvck with you hater
Tell em this youngin is major
Just tell em I'm coming for fame
Tell em am coming for cash boy
Fvck around your getting smashed boy
I do not roll with them wack boys
Nobody fvck with this lag boy
Seven digits for a show
Pay before a nigga show
Never give it on a loan
Ma nigga you already know

YCEE – Panda Lyrics (Cover)

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