YNW Melly

Rocco did it again
Oh this bitch recordin'?
That's crazy, hah, yeah, slatt, you know, uh
Whole lot of gang shit
Baow, graow, baow, graow, blatt
Uh, slatt, slatt, hold up, uh, uh, slatt, uh

Blood walk, baby, this the Blood walk, huh
I don't use my hands, I let the blood talk, huh
223's and MACs'll make you blood walk
I can make any nigga hit the Crip walk
Crip walk, I'ma let my hip talk
Pulled a forty with a dicky, gotta kill up ya'll
Click, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
And the clip is see through

What all do you want from me?
AR's and them .223's
Fuckin' 'round with me, you see
I'm hot, I'm five hundred degrees
Heard he caught a body
But that does not mean shit to me
Got two on me, got two on me
Blood Gang, yeah, suwoop on me


Coming from the often dangerous streets of Gifford, Florida, rapper YNW Melly began his career quickly at a very young age. Born Jamell Demons in 1999, he began uploading original songs to SoundCloud when he was just 15, cultivating a style that laced together melodically sung vocals with raw raps about violence, crime, sex, money, and the challenging environment the teen was growing up in. Demons was living the life he portrayed in his music, eventually ... Read More