YNW Melly

Whooooooa ahhaha
Mmm, mmm, mmm
I know you tired of seeing your nigga locked up But it ain't my
Fault, lil b*tch they stay callin the cops,
Bruh And I know you say that you down to ride and keep it real
But you know that it's something that I never feel but,
I feel it when I'm with ya' Im tryna get to know ya'
Never met a real street nigga Well, baby let me show ya'
Uh, uh She gon' bend it over, uh She obedient, she do what I told her
Girl I wanna f*ck with you,
Girl I'm tryna f*ck with I think I'm catching feelings I don't know
What to do Girl, I tryna f*ck with you Girl,
I wanna f*ck with you I think I'm cayching feelings
You got me so confused Girl,
I wanna f*ck with you I think I'm catching feelings I don't know
What to do Girl, I'm tryna f*ck with you, Girl I wanna f*ck with you
I think I'm catching feelings you got me so confused I'm so
Confused make love to me if you go or die keep in touch with me
The way you wear your hair is because of me
So, why never ever show no love to me
Don't say a word, just get on top and make sweet love me Ooooooh
I know, I know you f*ck with me
You know its Melly baby, so gon' and bend it over
Never met a real street nigga and thats exaclty what I told her
Uh, Ooooh She from Atlanta, Georgia
You know my car don't run on keys, they run on Florida Water
Bad Hoe, Super Fine, So Divine, Just be Mine
Aye, aye Oh, no if i'm catching feelings boo, i let them go
Cuz yo know...
I was feeling, I was feeling how i'm f*cked in this jam
Where the f*ck you was when I was locked in the ground
B*tich, I dont know how to love, so teach how...
B*tch you ain't sh*t to me, hit the door
(B*tch you green asf)
I got for pictures no mo'
Damn ha, ha, ha you silly lil' hoe (oh nooooo)
That's why I know you gon' slurp that d*ck like and gon' bend it over
Stop playing with a nigga like me 100
Bands and your niggas asleep (girlllll)


Coming from the often dangerous streets of Gifford, Florida, rapper YNW Melly began his career quickly at a very young age. Born Jamell Demons in 1999, he began uploading original songs to SoundCloud when he was just 15, cultivating a style that laced together melodically sung vocals with raw raps about violence, crime, sex, money, and the challenging environment the teen was growing up in. Demons was living the life he portrayed in his music, eventually ... Read More