Yo Trane

Baby can't you see I'm busy every day in life?
If I'm sleeping who gon' buy you all the things you like?
You keep thinking that I'm cheating on you every night
And you sneaking through my phone
Asking me like who's Alicia?
Girl why you always wondering if I miss ya'?
Girl why you always wondering if I need ya'?
Your friends said I'll leave ya'
Surprised you believe them
Why You act so weak girl?
You should ask the crew bet they know what's up yea
Catch me at the studio when I wake up yea
Girl I thought you knew I was working hard yea
Thought you understand my way of life

You should let me know If I gotta let you go
All them bitches lying to you because they know
I don't wanna leave you, no
But you won't believe me, so
Let the truth me told
Same shit every time you call
Argue about them hoes