Young Thug

Let your main ho suck me up from ground zero
Ridin' round tryna get it, I got kilos
Me, Guwop and Young Scooter
Bout to take a nigga main ho to Hooters
Then the gambling house to see shooters
Bout to get a couple hundred for a Ruger
I'm a hero
I'm in the A tryna spend these Churros
I'm on three different drugs, this Cee Lo
But I can handle
So well I can hold a nine like Rondo
But I'ma wear a five like Flacco
Cause I bleed Blood
I can't be cut so I don't wanna see cut
I'm a 142010 weirdo, got goons upstate in Baltimore
These little rap nigga hot
Tell me why I got this mink on
These hoes fallin' in traps
Then they gettin' they sink on
Diamonds hit like water, I think I got my sink on
ROB, 1017, no shirts, links on
That's a bar, and you're a pet
And I'm a bear and my car is rare
And my ho's from there right there
Look on that map Brazil
Come round here and get killed
Because I'm real, I meant I'm trill
No ENTCO with me
I'm on my way to BET baby

Guwop, hey bro
Check my watch I got more diamonds in that bitch today
Told that ho that I'm a shootin' star just wish away
I done upped my features, ionno what to charge today

Guwop in this bitch today
I don't know who to trick today
I don't know what bitch to take
To my house cause I gotta lay
With a bitch that's so bad you know
Gucci Mane, I might pour a four
And a four, and a four, and another four
Four by four on 24's
My big auntie sell dope
My Aunt could still smoke blow
I could hit coke with no hands
I'mma cook the dope with two strokes
MPA and Brick Squad, you know we some weirdos
We don't wear nothin' but Versace, we don't wanna wear Polo
Oh no, oh no, if I had a group I'dda go solo
Solo, I'm so dope, if it was a group I'd go solo
30,000 dollars in cold cuts, I'ma call this shit promo
Heading to the AT, coming from the AZ, all my niggas on no-doze

Shooting star, shooting star, every car I got is a shooting car
I'm a boss so you can't recruit me nigga
Can't move me, salute me, or shoot me nigga
Your girlfriend said she wanna do me nigga
We in Hollywood and you lost me nigga
Don't have the gun? Gonna cost you nigga
I'mma keep my scrubber off that nigga
Hey now steady, hand's off me nigga
Might not have a chance to get a shot off nigga
Got two young niggas call them sawed off killers
Got two old niggas call them butcher knife killers

Understand me motherfucker? I'm a habitat
Got 100 racks built, that's a habitat
And I love to rap, that's a habitat
Beat his ass with 100 bats, that's a habitat
And he's trippin' now, aka king rap
Dealing with the Feds, coming home on curfew
I ain't talkin' bout no hospital but I see you


Jeffery Williams, better known by his stage name Young Thug (also uses the name "SEX!!" and was briefly known as "Jeffery"), is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia who is signed to Gucci Mane's 1017 Brick Squad Records, Asylum Records and Atlantic Records. Thug grew to prominence in 2013 after releasing his mixtape 1017 Thug to positive critical reception. He has collaborated with artists such as Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, Rich Homie Quan and Waka Flocka Flame. ... Read More